Five Tips for Living a Healthy Life

The popular saying health is wealth seems cliché, but this is far from the truth as one of the keys to a long lasting healthy life is by following simple healthy tips every day. There are many health tips which have been documented over time as they have the capacity of transforming your life for the better. These days, living healthy isn’t just a fad, but one that’s trendy as they help in fighting terminal and preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease amongst others.

Here are five tips for living a healthy lifestyle:

1. Five Seconds Rule

The five seconds rule applies to the period of time you need to wait before picking up your phone call. For many, there’s always a sense of urgency when picking up a call, but for health reasons, it is advisable to wait at least five seconds before answering a phone call.

2. Brushing Time

Brushing our teeth is one activity people largely take for granted, and this is why people brush just once a day, as opposed to twice daily which is recommended by dentists. The importance of brushing twice daily can’t be overemphasised, as it aids in keeping the gums healthy, thereby preventing it from been prone to gum disease, and harmful bacteria. Besides brushing twice daily, it is equally important to devote a decent amount of time brushing, and this should be at least three minutes when you brush your teeth twice daily. In total, one should spend at least six minutes every day brushing.

3. Laying in Bed

For some people, waking up from sleep isn’t a hassle, but for others, they’re slow risers once they wake up in the morning, and they likely hit the snooze button multiple times before waking up. If you fall into this category, then you’re doing the right thing. Health wise, it is beneficial to spend at least two minutes in bed before waking up because it allows you a few stretches, adjusting your breathing rate, blood pressure amongst others which is beneficial to your health.

4. 10 Seconds Rule

Every day, you’re bound to encounter people that can rile you up – traffic, convenience store, you name it. For people with temper issues, it can take a negative toll on your health from issues ranging from little things like headaches, anxiety, or larger issues like depression, high blood pressure or even heart attack stroke. Anger is more than an emotion; it can also be a source of serious health issues.

For people, one health tip of managing anger is by applying the 10 Seconds Rule. What this simply means is taking some time off, hold your thoughts, and refrain from making any comments, breathing through your mouth, and continue this process until you feel relaxed. One may struggle in the beginning, but when you constantly practice this health tip, you can make life easier, and stress less about things people say.

5. Home Foot Spa Soak

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After a long day with shoes on, and the wear and tear one’s feet has been exposed due to the fast-paced life in the 21st century, and with more people choosing to commute by foot for health and fitness purposes, the ideal pampering your feet needs is a Home Foot Spa which can be done before going to bed.

It is a known fact that the foot is a sensitive part of the body, and considered as having about half of the 12 energy channels that connect the internal organs of the human body, and as such, the benefits of having this treatment 15 minutes before sleeping a tremendous.

Here are some of the benefits of having a home spa treatment:

  • Blood Circulation

Foot Spa is helpful in proper blood circulation, and equally helpful in re-energising oneself. Motherwort is also popular amongst users to ensure that poor blood circulation is treated, and having a Foot Spa session at home with motherwort infused in your hot water can create this feeling.

  • Stress Relief

By having a Foot Spa session at home, it can help in relieving the stress levels and tension faced on a day to day basis. With the use of the professional formulas which are available, it will go a long way in soothing the stress that one has.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis sufferers can alleviate their pain by consistently having Foot Spa’s at home, and it can help in reducing the pains in both muscles and joints. With Foot Spa treatments done at home both in the morning and evening with ingredients such as Old Ginger, and seaweeds, it can soothe the pain which arthritis patients have.

  • Headaches

The symptoms of headaches and migraines can be treated by a simple session of a Foot Spa Treatment, and this is an effective way of tackling headaches and related ailments because the foot has nerve points which are stimulated, by a light foot massage.

  • Indigestion

Indigestion and acidity can occur because of a bad diet, and one way to tackle this is by having a Foot Spa Treatment at home, as it can help relieve the issues faced by people.

  • Insomnia

Insomnia is an issue people struggle with, and having issues with getting proper sleep can be helped when you have a Foot Spa Treatment. With the foot having pressure points, by applying pressure to this pressure points by having a Foot Spa massage, it can go a long way in alleviating insomnia.

  • Detoxification

Foot Spa Treatment has a huge role to play in removing toxins, and ensuring that the pH balance of the body is at an optimum level. Furthermore, the Foot Spa Treatment helps in detoxifying important organs of the body such as the kidney and the liver.

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Foot Home Spa Soak (Mix)



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    Good ideas , if my boss give one more hour to sleep that will be great.hahah…………but it is hard to get. any way have a foot spa before sleep do work in my health