In my twenties, I formed the habit of foot bathing for half a year. What changed?

One evening when I was video chatting with my aunt, I told her that “I am foot bathing, every night at the fixed time”. She was shocked and commented with disfavour; “Isn’t foot bathing a thing for the elderly?” When talking to my colleagues or friends, at the mention of the foot bath, they tended to believe that it was for those who were weak in reference to their bodily constitution. I also went for a steam spa session around my menstrual period every month. Foot baths and steam spa sessions are both methods used for health preservation. I am also keen on bodybuilding. It is unfair that young people who are pursuing better health preservation are labelled as having a weak body. Maybe I am just afraid of death. One health expert that I know is known as “Niangniang”. She enjoys bodybuilding, focused on health preservation and is devoted to her work. Even though I was dazzled by the sweetness between her and her husband every time I clicked on her Weibo page, I could still handle that quite well.


The feet are the body parts that farthest from the heart. A hot foot bath can both help someone to both recovers from fatigue and to contribute to better sleep. It improves the local blood circulation, promotes and boosts the metabolism, dispels coldness, cleans up the waste in the human blood, helps us to fight against various diseases and thus, allows us to achieve health preservation. There is also an old saying goes, “the rich take the tonic and the poor bathe their feet”. Although a foot bath has many benefits, you have to bathe your feet in the right way to achieve health preserving effects or you are only washing your feet.


Taking the Foot Bath in the Right Way

  1. Have a foot bath in a wooden barrel. A barrel deeper than 30cm would be the best. Wood barrels have a good level of heat preservation, and this is in concert with the meaning of “bath”. You can put some pebbles or a special massager in the barrel as well. With many acupoints in our feet, a foot massage during the foot bath itself would further enhance the health preserving effects. I bought a wood barrel online with a massager and a prescription for foot bathing.
  2. Have a foot bath at the right time. I usually bathe my feet at 9:00 PM and enjoy the bath for 20~30 minutes. You should add water till it submerges your ankles. If you can’t stand the hot water at the beginning, you may pour in the hot water gradually. Make sure that you sweat after the bath. Then, wipe your feet dry and massage them for a while. I am not very sure about the specific acupoints, so I choose to roll my feet on the massager.
  3. Use the prescriptions for foot bathing. You can buy prescriptions online (https://fooirst.co.uk/product/foot-home-spa-10-days-free-trial) or get them at local stores.


As a twenty-something year old, I have chosen health preservation and bodybuilding. I started foot bathing in college and have stuck to it for about six years. In the beginning, I had a foot bath every now and then when I thought about it, usually in the winter when I felt cold. After entering society more fully, I have enjoyed the foot bath for a year for one hour every evening and as a result, I sleep very deeply. My pimples are gone, my skin’s dampness is removed and I experience my periods smoothly. I heard from a health expert that your physical condition can begin to go downhill after the age of 30. If you keep exercising, care about your health and have an optimistic mind, then you will live better; if you squander your energy in your youth, then you will gradually receive the same signals in your body. Have a regular diet and routine, keep on exercising, be devoted to your work and be passionate about life. I want to continue to be a person like that.

Young people should take more care of their health.

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*Not Suitable in terms of Foot Bathing

On an empty or full stomach: when having a foot bath, the foot blood vessels dilate and the blood volume increases, resulting in reduced blood in the stomach, bowels and other internal organs, thus influencing the digestive functions. In short, a foot bath before having a meal might suppress the gastric juice’s digestive functions.

Patients with certain vascular diseases such as diabetes, patients with varicosity and patients with tinea pedis and other skin diseases are recommended to seek professional medical knowledge.


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