Pedicure originated in China 5,000 years ago. As a part of Chinese traditional medicine (TCM), Pedicure is a therapy following the same principle as acupuncture, another major part of TCM.

After ages of development in China, the pedicure was introduced into Japan in China’s Tang Dynasty, evolving into Japanese current ‘Foot Dao’.

In another member of the “Four Great Ancient Civilizations” far away—ancient Egypt about 4,300 years ago was also nurtured brilliant pedicure culture. Archaeologists have even found a papyrus scroll in which a foot massager massages the feet of the Pharaoh.


In the early 20th century, American doctor William Fitzgerald, based on research results and clinical experience of all countries, became the first one to advocate “reflecting zone therapy”, and developed it into a modern medical sector with the broad prospect.

Feet are called “The second heart” of the human body because scientific research has proven the existence of reflecting zones in human feet corresponding to internal organs as well as meridians and collaterals. Feet are the furthest from the heart, but with the heaviest burden, so they are vulnerable to poor blood circulation. If a man is compared to a tree, feet are tree roots, a major part for nutrient absorption. When you take a foot bath with warm water containing herbal essences, those reflecting zones can be stimulated to promote blood circulation of your body, regulate your endocrine system, and enhance the function of your organs so that you can keep yourself away from diseases.


For a long time, people have neglected foot care. Now, Fooirst, insisting in the philosophy of “Beauty comes from inside to outside, from toe to head’, is dedicated to bringing pedicure- a centuries-old health care method- from expensive health and beauty spa and clinic to more people at an affordable price for everyday use.

Empowered by the efficacy of different natural herbal medicines, Fooirst Foot Home Spa offers busy people in modern life a brand-new way of relaxation and rejuvenation. You will have a gentle feeling like an electric shock from your feet permeating to the other parts of your body.