For a long time, people have neglected foot care. Now, Fooirst, insisting in the philosophy of “Beauty comes from inside to outside, from toe to head’, is dedicated to bringing pedicure- a centuries-old health care method- from expensive health and beauty spa and clinic to more people at an affordable price for everyday use.

Empowered by the efficacy of different natural herbal medicines, Fooirst Foot Home Spa offers busy people in modern life a brand-new way of relaxation and rejuvenation. You will have a gentle feeling like an electric shock from your feet permeating to the other parts of your body.

fooirst provide the good foot spa soak and japanese foot pads,meanwhile detox foot stick is also available on our online shop. our new formula fooirst home foot spa soak is combined with several natural ingredients. It’s perfect match with your foot spa machine at home. health is start from the feet. we offer your a chance to upgrade your life. our 28-days plan package is cost less than 1$ a day. It’s great value for you.